Alejandro del Pozo

Visual & UI Designer

settled in Madrid, Spain

Alejandro del Pozo

Human Interaction

I work for the robots but I fight for the humans

My main skill is Visual Design, but I have a huge interest on Product Design (Researching, sketching, prototyping, testing and visual finished mockups)

Making friendly products is what I enjoy the most

Time flies when I am struggling with how to solve a problem, whatever it is, and that is what design means to me.

Job History

Working at Insud Pharma as a Visual Designer (1 year).

Bonus point
I play the bass
I am learning Chinese
I love videogames
Ok, I don't care


These are the main tools in my bag, I’m looking to include Framer too.

Other tools


Telemedicine APP

Golden period of my profesional career. It was my first startup. I learnt a lot of things working side by side with the product designer. User research, sketching, prototyping and testing the application with real users.


Catering de Origen

Victoria Maseda is a Galician woman who lives in Madrid and her recipes are incredibly awesome. Masseda is a home-made catering service. I worked side by side with to create the whole branding system and the digital product. The website was created to be a useful tool for her, making it much easier for her to budget.


the right way

Vereda is a typographic project created as a result of the analysis and research of the current roadside signage. Vereda is a neo-grotesque typography outstanding because its legibility from a far distance.

Other Stuff


CSS Prototype


CSS Prototype

Thanks for your time!

For any work inqueries please contact with me to: